Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep

Chimney Cleaning - or "Chimney Sweeping" as it's more properly known - is a process in which our chimney technicians use high-powered chimney vacuums and specialized chimney brushes on extending rods to physically scrub and clean the inside of the chimney to dislodge and remove dangerous and flammable creosote, built-up soot, and other debris. Our Chimney sweeping services are provided for all types of chimneys and flues including open fire (fireplace) chimneys and flues, as well as for other coal, gas, oil, and wood-fired heating systems and cooking appliances. We are keenly aware that working in someone's home requires special care. Our state of the art chimney cleaning process and equipment ensures the cleanliness of each home we service. To ensure maximum cleanliness, our technicians use specialized vacuums, engineered specifically for the chimney sweeping trade, during the cleaning process to collect and filter all brush able soot, ash, and fine dust particles. We will also provide a final cleaning to collect and haul away heavier deposits and any remaining debris and to vacuum up any remaining dust or soot. Our technicians will use tarps and other protective coverings as well as protective shoe coverings ("booties") while in your residence to ensure that your home, furniture, and furnishing are kept clean during the entire chimney sweeping process. Our chimney sweeping process consists of the following steps:
• Clean inside the chimney using special wire brushes and extension rods to thoroughly brush and remove deposits from the flue all the way to the top of the chimney.
• Use hand brushes and scrapers to scrub the inside of the fireplace and firebox walls, the smoke chamber, smoke shelf, and the area around the damper assembly and frame.
• Conduct a Level I visual inspection of the chimney in accordance with our standards. Inspect the firebox, damper, smoke chamber, flue, and the chimney exterior to verify that the chimney structure is sound and that the chimney is free of obstructions and combustible deposits, such as creosote, and to identify any deficiencies in condition and any repairs that may be needed.
• Provide a written report upon completion to serve as a record of the service performed and to document any recommendations and repairs that may be needed based on the inspection findings.


“I contracted with your company to have my chimney re-pointed and waterproofed. The two of your men arrived on Saturday and took the time to personally inform me what activities they would be performing. Throughout the project I would stop to speak with them in order to check on their progress. They were always very informative, courteous and professional. Upon completion of the fireplace, they took the time to make sure my house, gardens, deck, and yard were clear of any remnants from their work. We reviewed the invoice with no surprises and I made payment by check, I personally wanted to let you know what an excellent job you did. Working with your company has been a pleasure; I will be recommending you to friends, family and neighbors that require any chimney repair.” Johnson Njagi

“It was a pleasure dealing with you every step of the way getting our chimney repaired & cleaned. Your guys did an excellent job and we have been very pleased and toasty warm this winter. I will surely recommend your company every chance I get.” Jane Njeri

“Thanks for your service. Your crew came out and explained and showed me what I was looking at in regards to my concerns with the chimney. They didn’t have to but they added another layer of cement. Here is my final payment and I will recommend your service to any based on my experience.” Samwel Ochieng

“Thank you very much for you and your team’s very thorough and expert work on our furnace flue chimney. We also can’t thank you enough for also inspection and repairing (and cleaning!) our other 2 fireplaces/chimneys. Your company will be high on our recommendations to others. No leak/dropping during last weekends storms!” Kind Regards, Nakuru

“Yesterday a member of your company came to clean the furnace flue. I want you to know how fortunate you are to have such a capable and pleasant person working with you. The appointment was at two o’clock and he called a few minutes before to say he was on his way. The job was done cleanly and efficiently. A rarity these days as has been my recent experiences.” Thank you very much, Charles