Marble cleaning & Restoration

Marble cleaning & Restoration

We recognize marble. We understand and are grateful for its characteristics, Our passion for what we do along with a strong commitment to educate our clients on proper care and maintenance is apparent in every job we perform.

There is a misunderstanding that because marble is stone it doesn’t require any maintenance and repair and that is far from the reality. All marble stone needs some type of maintenance and care. Your marble needs depend on where it is used: floors, walls, counter tops, vanities or shower walls.

Marble is much softer and more porous than most stone; it not just scratches easily, but also etches easily. Marble is sensitive to acids in various different food items (including citrus products, sodas, etc.) as well as the chelating agents in household cleaners.

Exactly like ceramic tile, natural stone is one of the most neglected and overlooked floor and wall structure in the home mainly because of the care involved with getting it cleaned. An etch mark inside a polished marble or travertine floor can be a constant reminder that grandmother wasn’t always right about the merits of cleaning with a solution of white vinegar and water.

Steinways can take care of this task. Even if you have natural stone as part of your kitchen, bathroom, as well as other areas of your home, those stubborn stains and etch marks don’t stand a chance. Your natural stone will look very much as it did the day it was actually installed.

We’re commited to helping you ensure your home is healthy, clean, and always looking its best.Steinways is the solution to the difficult natural stone honing, polishing, cleaning & sealing is simply a telephone call away.

Natural Stone Cleaning & Polishing Process:

All Natural Stone restoration and cleaning along with sealing jobs need to be preceded by a thorough pre-inspection. Here we determine a customized care plan to meet your unique needs for your specific flooring.


Because your home is important to you it is very important to us; we’ll consider the essential steps to protect all areas surrounding your floors with 24” plastic covers and blue tape.


Cleaning Processes are different from floor to floor, several factors include make up, maintenance, soiling conditions, traffic, use, etc… When cleaning any stone floor we use the most scientifically advanced cleaning solutions and the floor is then machine or hand scrubbed and brushed.

Diamond Grinding.

Stone that is etched, scuffed and scratched may be restored simply using mechanical abrasives underneath a rotary machine. Diamond abrasives resurface/remove a slight amount of stone (simply enough to get below the etch marks and scratches). All diamond grinding pads are performed by using water to minimize dust. The surfacing procedures that follow will determine the desired surface sheen.


Stone is mechanically resurfaced using diamond abrasives and water to achieve a uniformly honed surface sheen. Filler within travertine natural stone that looks dull, splotchy or dirty becomes uniform with our final techniques. If desired, polished marble, granite, travertine or limestone can be mechanically honed to eliminate pre-existing surface polish.


Stone is mechanically finished to generate a glossy shine. Very light etches, scuffs and scratches may be removed.

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